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pat%20bench.jpg Throughout the year we hold different competitons and charity events, these range from the small in-house things to big British comps. We also participate in a few monthly and quaterly leagues were you can compare your results to lifters all over the country and the IAWA Postal League which ranks you by team and as an individual lifter throughout the whole year giving you scores and handicaps for age and weight which is a fun way of getting more out of your training .

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The Inman Mile is our main charity event held in May every year
. The person attempting this challenge is carrying 1.5 times their own body weight for the furthest distance in the fastest time. The bar is taken from the stands on to the lifters back (as if about to perform a squat ) and then carried unaided around a set course until they can not go any further, then either replaced back on the rack or caught by two spotters following. The referee follows directly behind measuring and timing the attempt, at no point is the bar allowed to be supported by any other person than the one lifting and no one is allowed to support the lifter in anyway. The lifter can stop and take a drink. This is a real hardcore test of endurance and strength. 

April's powerlifting.

25 lifters from all over the country made it to the stage
many records were broken and a good day was had by all that attended.

On the 3rd May 2015
The Inman Mile will be held at Westexe Recreation Ground at 10am
Weigh in at Sunningmead Community Centre 9am